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"I’ve been active in the Arizona Market for over 35 years and for over 20 years I’ve known Jon Anderson and have done work with him both in design, construction drawing, remodeling, and other architectural services.  The thing that distinguishes Jon is his ability to communicate and understand work from the client’s perspective.  I can say that it’s an absolute pleasure to work with and we’ve found him to be a professional and his capabilities have been without peer. "

"We’ve been working with Jon Anderson for well over 15 years now and one of the things that stands out when working with him versus some of the other companies we work with is his ability to work during the design phase to iron out some of the issues that might pop up normally and during the construction phase.  We’re able to pinpoint some of the areas that could become problems and alleviate those before they actually do become problems.  We’ve had a lot of success in both the residential track work as well as custom homes."

"I’ve known Jon for over 16 years now.  As a landscape architect I’ve worked with a lot of architects and I love to work with Jon.  Jon is creative…  but, creativity means a lot of things.  To the owner it means creative spaces, creative design and Jon is certainly good at that.  But even more so, Jon is creative with the structure of the building and the integration of the building into the site and again this means a couple different things.  Integration with the site means that it fits into the site and fits well, but he’s also creative in how he spends the client’s money.  Jon understands structure and understands site better than any architect I’ve ever worked with and this translates not only to a better design, but to a more cost-effective design.  I love working with Jon for this reason, because I know we’re always going to have a project that turns out well and that is cost-effective for our clients.  And… I love having happy clients."

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